Distributed-computation And Remote Threading System
A parallel processing, remote threading toolkit from Elex Technologies, Inc.

DARTS, the Distributed-computation And Remote Threading System, is a parallel processing, remote threading toolkit created by Elex Technologies, Inc. to allow the ease of programming threads to run on remote computers as easy as on the local machine. 

It can solve the problem that most companies have -- a need for more computing power.  Instead of buying bigger, better, more expensive computers and servers, complicated and memory intensive computations can be done on the computers and servers the company already owns.  In this way, companies can save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

DARTS harnesses the power already available in the company's network to do the computations that would have required an entirely new system in the past.  In other words, the company's already existing network becomes the advanced computer or server the company thought they needed. 

DARTS is a Java, C, and C++ application framework to allow your application to run on remote computers invisibly.


The business uses for DARTS are endless.  They include database crunching, sorting, searching, updating records, complex, intensive computations such as factoring or encryption, large computations, analysis of financial data and analysis of the stock market to name a few.

While there have been other attempts at distributed computing through universities or organizations such as SETI at home, genetics computations or things like breaking RSA, these solutions are not available to the business world in general.  Two of the problems with those methods are that they are proprietary and most are unable to run anything in access lists with one client.  DARTS solves both of those problems and more.

DARTS is a client / server framework, where all of the clients register and connect to the server to run requested threads.  The DARTS server schedules requests and keeps track of all available computer power on connected clients.  The DARTS client connects to the server, monitors its host computer availability and runs threads from remote machines when needed and available. 

The code is Java 1.3 or greater, is similar to programming threads and is extremely easy to use.  Basically, any programmer that can use threads can use the DARTS toolkit.  The design features can connect to multiple servers throughout the same application or multiple applications running on the same host, can connect to the server from the DARTS Client Application running on the same host and can provide constraints so that the remote thread only gets sent to a desired processor.  The only constraints are the processor type, the operating system type and the current load on the machines.

DARTS even provides advanced scheduling so the user doesn't have to worry about where to send computations or what he or she is running.  In addition, DARTS is fully configurable with regard to ports, addresses, transport, security management, etc.

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